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The internet is a great source for all things foodie, and we’re constantly bookmarking, starring, and emailing intriguing recipes, food porn, and inspiration. Here’s a selection of clippings we think are worth checking out.

Happy American Thanksgiving!  Means even MORE pumpkin… biscuits, savoury scones, a chiffon pie, and what looks to be a clear winner: baked pumpkin puddings.

Citrus isn’t my favourite, but something about this lemon vanilla cake makes me want it. Right now.

Raisins aren’t my favourite either, but I can only imagine how great these toasted raisin biscuits smell when they’re in the pan.

These little fig-anise swirls are listed as fall cookies, but I think they should grace every Christmas cookie plate.

Dan Dan noodles can be found at an array of restaurants here in Vancouver, from your traditional Chinese place to hip Japanese izakayas. Enjoying them as I do, I was happy to see my friend Sara shared her recipe.