Cream aka Rhianna

You’ll find me living single, on a budget, and trying to take advantage of all the fine fare in New York City. Although I do write professionally, I’m an unapologetic amateur when it comes to cooking and doing it for myself is not something that occurs often… most nights my kitchen is used for boiling water, assembling a bowl of cereal or making toast. But I do love it. And on the weekends, I try to find my inner chef or baker and work through a recipe that’s piqued my interest.

Guilty pleasure:  Dairy Queen soft serve

Favourite salty snack: Pretzels

Favourite dessert: Pumpkin pie with whipped cream

Favourite libation: Gin martini

Top three deserted island items: Baguettes, butter and ice cream




Sugar aka Jill

Recently making the leap from married without child to baby in the house, I am in the kitchen cooking more now than ever. Our regular dining out has become sporadic, and our eating in has become an art that involves meal planning, list making, time crunching, and some food on the floor at the dinner hour. Sharing a good meal is essential to me, and in our house we eat well. I’m a girl with a food centered travel spreadsheet for each city I visit that always involves a long list of dinner reservations and required treats. I have a weakness for cookbooks and have amassed a growing collection. I use butter with reckless abandon. I will show you that I love you by making you something tasty.

Favourite dessert: Chocolate pots de crème with softly whipped cream

Favourite food city: San Francisco

Kitchen equipment I cannot live without: my Le Creuset French oven

Favourite libation: With food, good red. Without, gin gimlet with cucumber

Favourite cookbook: My many books by Bill Granger

Top three deserted island items: Stinky cheese, crusty baguette, and chocolate salted caramels