Image courtesy of Sara Chan

The internet is a great source for all things foodie, and we’re constantly bookmarking, starring, and emailing intriguing recipes, food porn, and inspiration. Here’s a selection of clippings we think are worth checking out.

I’ve realized recently that I’m a big fan of onions, even raw ones have their place. So when I saw that my friend Sara posted a recipe for pickled onions – they make a great gift – I knew I had to share.

Custard + cornbread = Me deliriously happy.

On Coronation Street, I’ve heard them talk about Eccles cakes, but I’ve never actually seen or tried one. Maybe I should just make a batch?

Melissa Clark is one of my favourite food writers, and her recent focus on Sunday soups is so perfect for this time of year. With this recipe, she had me at parsnips.

If you’re not making a soup on Sunday, I think a rich and slow-cooked Bolognese should be at the top of your to-do list.