Does more really need to be said beyond “pretzel croissant”? I mean, really. This is ridiculous. French pastry revamped to represent new digs in New York City. Butter, flour, and salt (and some sesame seeds) deftly put together to yield one of the best things you could ever put in your mouth. Usually, I pass on croissants because I’m not a fan of the crispy-flaky outer texture. But with this beauty, I’m all about  being covered in flaky shards to get to the soft, chewy middle. I’m not quite sure why they use sesame seeds instead of rock salt, but it tastes good all the same. Oh, and don’t think because there’s no rock salt, the “pretzel” adjective is incorrect. It’s plenty salty. From the butter in the dough, maybe? Who cares, it’s not like I’m going to bother attempting this at home. Salty treats like this require moderation, as they leave you sad and slightly crazed when there’s nothing left on the plate. Water on the side is always helpful, but as a pastry, a strong coffee partner is always appropriate. Did I mention that you’ll often find them served still warm? And not “warm” like from street pretzel vendors (ahem, reheated from frozen).

This is a must-add to your list of NYC food adventures. Bringing friends would be a good idea, as I’ve heard that City Bakery’s hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, and baker’s muffins are also fantastic. When you go, don’t mind me in the corner with my coffee and half-eaten croissant, flakes on my face, chest, and lap—I’m in heaven.

City Bakery
3 West 18th St, New York

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