It’s clear that I like to make cookies.  It’s clear that I like to make cookies for others.  But, when it comes to cookie recipes, I’m rarely surprised.  A cookie is a cookie is a cookie.  Butter, sugar, flour, salt, eggs.

I have a number of recipes that I gravitate toward, but only one go-to recipe.  What makes it special for me is that it contains no white sugar and the butter must be melted.  The warm dough has always yielded soft, slightly doughy cookies.  I don’t like cookies any other way, really.  I’ll make them many other ways, but as I rarely cook for my pleasure, that’s not always important.

In a tradesies situation I created (Fairmount bagels for my baking) I went looking for something to take me out of my baking box.  Dorie Greenspan is someone who I’ve been reading for a long while now without trying any of her recipes.  With her recent Chocolate Chunker post, my mind was sufficiently intrigued.  Easy recipe.  Salted peanuts.  The word “gooey.”




I don’t have much to say except that I think they are the best cookies I’ve ever made.

I forgot the raisins.

I added cinnamon.

I sprinkled fleur de sel on the tops after baking.

I made monster cookies, easily 2 tablespoons of dough each.




Gooey.  Chocolatey.  Salty.

Warm dough.

Finger-lickin’ dough.


Make them.