Today’s Special: Mixed pupusas, Acajutla

Well, it’s about time that I wave the Team Acajutla flag. It’s no secret that the ladies of Cream and Sugar have a deep affection for these little El Salvadorean meat, bean, and cheese treats, and in Edmonton we are fortunate to have two excellent options. I must confess that while I am firmly on Team Acajutla, I am always beyond happy to smother an El Rancho pupusa in curdito and red sauce. Both versions are about the tastiest treat a girl for ask for. My reasons for loving the Acajutla pupusa are as follows.

1. More cheese. They are cheesier. Period. In my world this is ALWAYS a good thing. Little cheesy bits leak out onto the griddle and become sweet and brown.

2. Avocado sauce. Traditional or not, avocado on top is delightful.

3. Ideal filling to mesa ratio. Beans, cheese, pork. Perfection.

Taste test anyone?