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The internet is a great source for all things foodie, and we’re constantly bookmarking, starring, and emailing intriguing recipes, food porn, and inspiration. Here’s a selection of clippings we think are worth checking out.

Salty honey pie. You had me at salt.

More salty-sweet goodness: chocolate chip bars with a pretzel crust.

When I think of wild rice, I think of casseroles with mushy broccoli that seemed to be on everyone’s table years ago. Bad broccoli memories aside, this casserole brings on waves of nostalgia and seems perfect for a cold winter’s night.

I always thought those miniature pasta shapes were for soup only. Turns out you can make the ultimate bowl of comfort pasta with them as well.

The food of Andrew Carmellini’s that I tried at The Dutch in NYC was pretty outstanding. Thus, I’m sure these biscuits with honey butter are indeed some of the best you’ll ever try.