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Our cultural foodie moment means that there are heaps of food-related news stories, info pieces and commentaries that appear on a daily basis. Here are our favourites of the week.

Now that I’m fully engrossed in Book 1 of Game of Thrones after becoming hooked on the television show, I love this story about a food blog devoted to GoT food.

Can food (scientifically) affect your mood? Maybe?

I’m not sure why, but Alton Brown felt it necessary to write up a fanifesto in advance of his book tour. (I think getting skinny did something to him.)

I completely understand this: Ruth Bourdain came up with her own version of how fans should approach celebrity chefs, calling it Mein Fanf.

If you haven’t heard, Sam Sifton from the New York Times is leaving his post as their restaurant critic… officially in October.