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Our cultural foodie moment means that there are heaps of food-related news stories, info pieces and commentaries that appear on a daily basis. Here are our favourites of the week.

Silly ideas should be given the benefit of the doubt at first… but ABC’s new daytime talk/food variety show The Chew, with notable hosts Mario Batali and Michael Symon, got chewed up and spit out by a number of critics after its debut.

Weekly eye roll: Trying to make money off the cupcake trend by creating “cupcake” flavoured vodka.

I believe it: Top 5 dessert trends. With the black pepper icing seen in a recent Bon Appetit and the foie gras profiteroles at Le Pigeon in Portland that are much discussed, you might want to take a cue from this list for your next dinner party.

Could chicken skin eclipse bacon for you? This article has been highly circulated this week and surprise, surprise, PETA is not happy about it.

A global feast: Check out this wonderful collection of food blogs from around the world.