My new life with baby means that many hours are spent snuggling with her sleeping peacefully on my lap, which equals many hours of iPhone entertainment in form of celeb trash gossip, fashion and design blogs, and my favorite food blogs. David Lebovitz is at the top of my foodie reading list. Through him, I increase my appetite and inspiration for good eating and simultaneously indulge in Parisian travel fantasies…le sigh.

When I encountered his post on peanut sauce with cold noodles, cucumber, cilantro, and pulled chicken, I was instantly smitten, and despite the chilly Edmonton winter temperatures outside that would usually call for indulging in something hot and hearty, I instantly added it to the week’s menu. Thank goodness.

This is the most perfect peanut sauce I’ve ever tasted. Perfectly balanced. Subtly spicy. Fresh with cilantro, ginger, and garlic. Rich with roasted peanuts and toasted sesame oil. One of those things that once made, I could hardly believe came from my own kitchen. Never again will another recipe for peanut sauce be glanced at. Perfection. And even better, David himself suggests freezing it. Now these days, there are few things that make me happier than cooking once and eating twice. Hooray! AND as a side note, this simple and efficient method for poaching chicken opens up endless possibilities for pastas, pulled chicken sandwiches, salads, and all things poultry that will free my need for the grocery store rotisserie chicken that I have been dependent upon until now. Brilliant.

Happy eating and good luck getting any of that leftover peanut sauce to the freezer. I’m pretty sure it would make cardboard taste divine.