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Happy new year! We hope your holidays were full of edible indulgences and that the turn to 2012 and everyone else’s diet resolution talk doesn’t mean you’ve sworn off butter completely. The internet is a great source for all things foodie, and we’re constantly bookmarking, starring, and emailing intriguing recipes, food porn, and inspiration. Here’s a selection of clippings we think are worth checking out.

Cooking blogs have been awash with edible cookie dough recipes that are turned into things such as truffles (no eggs make them safe to eat). Using the dough as a base for a bar covered in pretzels and sitting atop a brown butter crust sounds like the leader of the pack to me.

But if you are trying to be a bit more mindful of your calories this new year, a look to Southeast Asia can help you add a lot of flavour without adding anything heavy. This Vietnamese-inspired shrimp and quinoa salad is sure to make your doctor proud of you.

And while burgers aren’t diet food, nixing cheese, substituting turkey and again, looking to Asia for bold flavours makes these ones very appealing. Plus, the jacked-up mayo will do a fine job of helping you forget the absence of a fat slice of cheddar.

Savoury scones should be a welcome addition to any brunch table, but take a particular look at this recipe, which includes Melissa Clark’s method for quick caramelized onions.

But if you have sworn off butter, this spicy lemon date spread may come in handy if you’ve got some bread (and cheese…).