Today’s Special: Mille crepe cake, Lady M Confections, New York

You might have heard about this cake before. It makes many appearances on television, on the Web, and in print as a “best” thing to eat or “must try” in New York, and oh-so-ever rightly so. You cannot dismiss a dessert that’s built on the skill of  a pastry chef to one, create impeccable paper-thin crepes; two, layer them on top of one another with a spackle of whipped cream; and three, finish it off with a bruleed sugar topping. The look of this Lady M confection commands your attention.  And then there’s the eating. Before my fork hit the cake, I was thinking I would have a blissful 10 minutes of eating what might be a pancake cake: spongey and doughy, yet light because they’re only crepes, not silver dollars. But once my fork did hit the cake and descended into each layer, I knew I was in for something much for fun. The pressure of the tines on the crepes pushed forth what seemed like an impossible amount of cream. There were so many crepes and yet so much cream. That skilled pastry chef has a big trick up her sleeve for hiding all of that sweet, rich cream. So, this isn’t a cake of crepes layered with cream; it’s a cake of cream held together by crepes. This Cream hit the jackpot. And then to have the flavour of creme brulee accent each bite with that golden top? There were no complaints from me for paying the $8 + tax + automatic 18% gratuity. I skipped the $6 coffee because I knew I was only going to be about 10 minutes, but you know, there are other more obvious reasons to skip it. Wait for a table, turn off the world for a bit, bliss out.


Lady M Confections
41 E 78th Street, New York

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